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About Outbound Media House

Outbound Media House specializes in high end commercial and documentary content for brands and individuals. Bringing your message to life through our lens, sharing the subtle details and captivating audiences through the most immersive forms of media. We work alongside varying brands and clients looking to engage their audience in new forms or showcase their products in the most beautiful ways possible.                   

We are "artists in the pursuit of adventure". Going further to capture your message, share your stories, and bring to life the true authenticity and style of your brand.


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About Brendan Williams

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Brendan Williams is the founder of Outbound Media House. After working for several years in the world of television and feature films, Brendan began to break away, capturing the people and places whos' stories needed to be told. Using his skills gained after learning from some of the industries best, Brendan now creates films and captures images that hold strong against the highest standards. Merging his love of the outdoors and film making, he is a visionary striving  to capture what means most to you; in the most authentic and beautiful ways possible.                   

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