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Brendan Williams

     I created Outbound Media in the hopes to inspire others to pursue the outdoors; as well as, live a more active lifestyle. Each photo has a unique story behind it for me; now I want you to go out and make stories of your own. Create memories that will become ingrained into each photo you take. Get up at ungodly times just to get the perfect light, for it to last only mere moments. Challenge yourself to go to new places, experience new things and meet new people. That's what Outbound Media is all about. It is not only the name I publish my work under but a place to find inspiration and beauty in the places all around you that maybe you forgot to think twice about.

     As my work in photography evolved, I began to fall in love with digital art. Rather than sharing the natural world, I now have the opportunity to create my own. A fictional reality loosely anchored in the universe we call home. A world with limitless possibilities where imagination reigns. Digital art has become my alter ego as a photographer. My escape from the everyday. Alongside creating digital art, I have began creating a free editing tutorial series. Through Youtube, I release new Photoshop tutorials every Wednesday to help share some of my knowledge with those wanting to advance their own. If you would like to explore some of my tutorials, just click the TUTORIALS link above.      

     I am a freelance photographer and digital artist living just outside of Vancouver, BC.  I have collaborated and worked with several companies, blogs, and photographers such as Apache Pine Watches, Hello BC,  Westcomb Outerwear and several more. Through photography and digital art, I strive to connect and network with likeminded brands and photographers to create expressive images and unique branded content.      


     If you'd like to get in touch for general or business inquiries, have any questions about my work, or myself, please feel free to contact me via the mail icon below. I look forward to hearing from you!

-Brendan Williams

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